Clock repairs and restoration

If you have a clock in need of repair and restoration please give us a call or an email to arrange an appointment to bring it to our workshop.

We would need you to leave it with us for assessment and estimate

If you are posting a clock to us, please double box it using ample packing materials and strong tape. Enclose all of your contact details but don’t send any special boxes with it. Clocks often do not travel well so we do prefer repaired clocks to be picked up. 

Please be advised that due to our current workload it may be sometime before we can start repairs. We currently have around a 9 month waiting list. 

We offer a years guarantee on our work as, although we test our clocks thoroughly, they can at times require further work. We are happy to work on clocks from all over the country but should a clock need to come back under guarantee we would need it to be brought back in to the workshop. Mainsprings can break at any time whether they are two weeks old or two hundred years old. Because of this we cannot offer a guarantee on Mainsprings or any subsequent damage caused by them breaking.

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