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Clock Technician and Delivery

Having worked freelance for many years, Mark joined the Clock Workshop full time in 2021.

Having trained with Steve he has a great deal of experience in the setting up and oiling of complex clocks. Antique clocks do not like being moved and Mark is expert in making that process as trouble free as possible.



Passionate about quality

Our watchmaker, Sylvain Giraud, has always had a passion for fixing things and using tools. He studied watchmaking in Nantes in France and Morteau, next to Switzerland. He joined our team in 2017 bringing with him a vast knowledge of watches and an extensive personal watch collection!


Always learning

Attention to detail


After studying horology at Birmingham School of Jewellery, Roman joined us in 2019. With a passion for vintage watches he especially enjoys working on Omega and Cartier watches. 


Conserving Horological History

Ines was always intrigued by the mechanics of watches and eager to understand how they work. After studying watchmaking in Lycée Jean Jaurès she then found a love of clocks, the history, and stories they tell; she is excited to give them a second life. She joined the team in 2018.


As a 16 year old Dave apprenticed to a clockmaker in Burford. 41 years later he is one of the most skilled and experienced clockmakers in the country. He loves the challenge of working on the very fine mechanisms of carriage clocks and is very generous in passing on those skills to younger colleagues.

Passing on Knowledge and Skill


Keeping Traditions alive in a Modern World

In 2020 Fred joined us as an apprentice Clockmaker after attending a Science and engineering college. He has taken to the trade like a duck to water and has quickly become a key member of the team.


Passionate about mechanical clocks

Clockmaker Kester Sims, has been making and repairing clocks for 30 years while teaching Design & Technology and Music Technology. Having left teaching to work full time on his life's passion he particularly enjoys working on musical clocks, music boxes and polyphony.

Case Restorer

Robert Gripper has worked as a professional antique furniture restorer for over 30 years! His workshop is based near us in Oxfordshire, and we work very closely with him to provide the very best in clock case restoration.

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