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Getting Your Clock in Beat

To work reliably all clocks and watches need to be 'in beat'.

This means the ticks and tocks sound perfectly even.

The videos below show you what a clock sounds like in and out of beat, and how to put your clock in beat. 

Listen to the Ticks

Watch the video to see and hear how the clock's beat changes when it isn't level.

Adjusting the Crutch

How to put your clock in beat

Synchronising the Strike

Many clocks strike the hours in order from 1 to 12 with no reference to the position of the hour hand. Occasionally, especially after winding and setting to time, the clock will need to have the strike re-synchronised. The following videos show you how the strike can go wrong and how to put it right. 

How the Strike goes Wrong

Setting the time and disturbing the strike sequence.

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